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  1. Discussioni: login screen

    by mohsen1

    login screen


    i have BT3 istalld on my hard drive

    When i start i see bunch of text that goes fast and when it comes to the login point where i must enter a login and password above that is like a page...
  2. Discussioni: macchanger

    by mohsen1



    I have a AP and when i connect to my Ap using a fake mac adres

    Than i go to my AP and it shows the fake mac which is good

    But my question is if somebody connects to my AP with a fake...
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    haha :p

    haha :p
  4. Thanks

    bt ~ # airmon-ng stop ath0

    Interface Chipset Driver

    wifi0 Atheros madwifi-ng
    eth1 ZyDAS zd1211rw
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    lol .

    lol .
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    use bt3 final

    use bt3 final
  7. confused

    Thanks for you replay but i use backtrack 3 and i get that error on backtrack 3 final :confused:
  8. confused

    Hello , I have the exactly the same problem as Natty Dreed but with one difference that i have installed backtrack 3 on my hard drive and that i use netgear WAG511 v2 network card and it use...
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    NetGear WAG511 v2 Problem

    Thanks its working now
  10. Sticky: hi

    Hello, Sorry I Totally new to linux and Backtrack :s

    I have just download the backtrack 3 livecd and i have burn it to a cd i can boot to backtrack everything is alright, but my problem is I i...
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    I think nobody will help Us:(

    I think nobody will help Us:(
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    install driver for NetGear WAG511

    thanks its working now
  13. Sticky: How to install

    Thank you i have thise card now D-Link DWL-G650 C4 it was in the compatible adapters list

    But now i have a problem with installing it, i use BT3 live cd
    Cab you please tell me how i can install...
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    How to install

    Thanks for the good info
    I have the same card can you please tell me how i can install the driver in BT3

    Thank you
  15. Sticky: sorry i'm a little stupid :-$

    Sorry Man I have look at that site but What I found was many cards for desktop But i have laptop, Please can you tell me a good card for laptop or just tell me which card that you recommend for...
  16. Sticky: NETGEAR WiFi 108 Mb WG511T

    THaks man I did not found netgear wg311t

    But i foud NETGEAR WiFi 108 Mb WG511T Is thise good

    If anybody know this please help me
  17. Sticky: USB device

    What USB device do you have

    I have USBD-linke DWL-122 will it work or no

    Please tell me with which USB device you did it

  18. Sticky: usb

    [QUOTE=-=Xploitz=-;66162]Sorry, it was suppose to be ifconfig -a
    but it doesnt matter as your (quoting a rap"Big ballin' in your airforce ones" :p
    0b:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom...
  19. Sticky: And i do the flowing things that i get this...

    And i do the flowing things that i get this error

    write failled: cannot allocate memory
    wi_write(): Illegal seek.

    First i open the shell window And i typ in

    airmon-ng stop eth1
    And i get...
  20. Sticky: thank for your help

    I have tryd the command

    For the command: iwconfig -a
    I get thise

    -a No such device

    For the command: lsmod

    I get thise
  21. Sticky: Need Help

    Oooh no the same problem again :eek: what do you thinke that i shuld do ?

    i do all the staps successfully but after reading the pokets it give me the same error :(

    write failled: cannot...
  22. Sticky: aha

    AHA you mean that i must use eth1 for
    Broadcom and ath0 for internal Atheros ? is it right?
  23. Sticky: Sorry Man what are you meaning by Atheros chipped...

    Sorry Man what are you meaning by Atheros chipped card or Broadcom ? Sorry i'm a beginer :confused:

    If you mean what my AP is its a D-Link 108G MMO
    and if you mean my network card, its onboard...
  24. Sticky: What is wrong ?

    No I have the Ath0 right

    And i use a live cd of BT 3 on my leptop
    its PH , intel

    and i hve no problem with the drivers BT has found all my drivers even the sound
  25. Sticky: Thanks for the great video But i have a problem...

    Thanks for the great video
    But i have a problem in thise stap

    aireplay-ng -3 -b 00:18:F8:B5F2:D6 -h 00:11:22:33:44:55 ath0

    (I know i the peace of 00:18:F8:B5F2:D6 i must set my AP mac adres...
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