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    ATI Graphics Performance and Scaling Issues

    After installing BT5R3 GNOME 64 on my PC, I was met with a no screen error upon starting the xserver, even though it ran (in low resolution) during installation via USB. I used the following guide to...
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    wicd says bad password, can't connect.

    hello, when i run wicd for the first time when i boot, iget this little error message:
    couldnot connect to wicd's d-bus interface. check the wicd log for error messagessince i dont know how to...
  3. installing bt rc2 off usb, squashfs 3.1 unsupported error.

    im new to bt, but not new to linux. i burned the iso to a 4gb flash drive, then booted from it. when on the command line, it looked like everything was going well until it came up with:
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