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  1. After upgrade Backtrack R1 to R2, in the grub i can boot with both kernel, the oldest

    Hello Everyone

    I upgraded Backtrack Gnome 32 bits R1 to R2, the upgrade was a Sucessfull, but I have a question, when the grub appears. I have the two Kernels, the and the new Kernel, and...
  2. Thank you very much for your answers!!! @Snayler...

    Thank you very much for your answers!!! @Snayler In Windows the temp is Ok. If a I have many hours working in my PC the fans start to work, I know that is normal. But in Backtrack if I have a few...
  3. The temperature increases very fast in my laptop with backtrack

    Hello everyone

    I will to try to explain the most complete that I can ( sorry, my english is bad and the google translator is very bad )

    I am a begginer in backtrack and linux

    I installed...
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