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  1. Some aireplay-ng functions doesn`t work with amd64?

    I had a very specific problem with aireplay-ng. I will explain very quickly:

    Old Scenario:

    Old Laptop Intel cpu and chipset based
    BT2 distro
    PCMCIA Atheros 5001 card
    everithing works fine......
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    I'm inyecting right now with a 4311 (mini pci-e)...

    I'm inyecting right now with a 4311 (mini pci-e)

    I just only put it in monitor mode, start airodump, the aireplay -2 to capture data and aireplay -1 to force a deauth.

    The only problem I know...
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    Acer Travelmate 5520 doesn't boot

    I had backtrack2 and boot with no problems. No with BT3 it hags after initializing serial ports. It only has a FIR port. I tried to disable it at bios, but the same happend.

    I hope it could help...
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