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  1. Re: Computer powers off while performing aircrack-ng

    Im still new to linux but i believe i have hibernation turned off. The laptop is running on ac power.
    I just tried the backtrack live cd on my macbook pro and it heated up to about 170 f so i have a...
  2. Computer powers off while performing aircrack-ng

    I was learning the wpa cracking method using airmon and aircrack with word list. I get to the part where its running through the list and after about 50min to 1hr the laptop just shuts off. No...
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    Re: Default password for root user is not "toor"

    I dont know if anyone has said it but before you type startx...type passwd (enter new password) then it will ask you to enter the pass again. After that hit start x and it should have your new pass....
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