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    Re: Micro SDHC Card + USB Adapter + BT5

    Alrighty, thank you very much Barry! Lets hope this works out haha.
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    Micro SDHC Card + USB Adapter + BT5

    So, I want to install BT5 onto a Micro SDHC Card via a USB Adapter and use it via a USB Adapter. Has anyone tried this yet? Are there certain things I should keep a watch out for? Should the SDHC be...
  3. Fix for Wicd Network Manager Hanging and causing a Panic and Reboot(WPA types only)

    (Only works for WPA/WPA2-PSK this is not from a pentest point of view but for regularly connecting to the internet/an AP)

    Alright, so lets start out by explaining what the problem is. Then I shall...
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    Problems, Questions and Observations.

    This is about KDE version 32 and 64bit on a LiveCD as I have not chosen to install to my HDD yet, pending on how these questions are answered/solved.

    Also I was not sure where to post this so I...
  5. Re: Help configuring the startup desktop. (Has to do with the default GUI)

    No I am not, however it seems to have fixed itself. I will post if that changes....weird.

    Thanks though.
  6. Help configuring the startup desktop. (Has to do with the default GUI)

    When I log into BT4R2 and use startx it loads the desktop, however there is a problem. It only loads up two workspaces, even when I have previously set it to 4. Anytime I log out and boot back up it...
  7. Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

    I have a Laptop with dualboot Windows 7 Home Premium and BackTrack 4 R1 Black Hat Edition when I boot BT and log in, then start the Desktop GUI with the 'startx' command, do what I need to do then...
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