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  1. BT5R3/KDE/64bit with "full" disk encryption won't boot after kde package upgrade

    So I have BT5R3/KDE/64bit with "full" disk encryption installed via the tutorial in the "How To" section. After install, it said that there was an update for the KDE package or something along those...
  2. Looking for a new wireless card and gpu. Suggestions?

    I am looking for a new wireless PCIe 1x card that is capable of injection and with aircrack-ng. All of the ones I have found links to on aircracks' site seem to be older cards and hard(er) to find....
  3. Re: "/dev/mapper/vg-root does not exist!" error on "fully" encrypted disk.

    Yes that is the install (and troubleshooting) guide I referred to in my original post but when coming to the part: "mount /dev/mapper/vg-root /mnt/backtrack5", well, being that /dev/mapper/vg-root...
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    Re: Discrepancy creating partitions for BT5R3 install

    Well after disconnecting the drive from my laptop then formatting with my desktop, reinstalling to laptop and attempting the OS install again, everything has worked properly. I'm not sure why it did...
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    Discrepancy creating partitions for BT5R3 install

    Hello all,

    I am having an issue installing x64 BT5R3 with Gnome on my laptop. I have done this install before without issue so maybe I am overlooking something. I am following this guide. My issue...
  6. Discussioni: Official hello thread

    by EStyles

    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    Why hello Good Sirs!
  7. "/dev/mapper/vg-root does not exist!" error on "fully" encrypted disk.

    I followed this guide to installing x64 bt5r3 encrypted and everything worked fine, then one day I booted and received the error "/dev/mapper/vg-root does not exist! Dropping to shell!"

    I followed...
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