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    The search for out Bandwidth

    Hi all,
    I'm back after a long break from backtrack.
    Originally I used it to prove how insecure our WEP network was! but now I have a new problem that I hope Backtrack can help me with.

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    Re: Which interface should be used?

    Thankyou for the concern, but my colleagues were asked to only use powerterm, teamviewer and our timesheet website (so no personal data is taken on my part) for the time that I ran the programs.

  3. Re: CANNOT CONNECT TO INTERNET open wireless router but can connect to WEP

    I too get this problem on a daily basis, I have recently been wondering if it could be because I am too close to the AP. My main problem is on my main AP - I cant connect despite having 45% signal....
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    Which interface should be used?

    when my wireless card is set to monitor mode, it keeps wlan0 and sets mon0 to be monitor mode.

    Whenever I see the forums/how-to's the examples use wlan0 etc as the interface, my question is this -...
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    Re: Cant get no wpa handshake help!

    Could you please be a but more specific as to what you have tried? How can we tell you what you've done wrong and what you can try next if we don't know what you have done?
  6. Re: Script for sniffing passwords and data on lan/wlan using ettercap, sslstrip, urls

    This may well be me being silly, but I have followed these instructions to the letter - but opening my script just opens Wireshark? No questions etc. Could the OP post the script as an...
  7. Illegal activities are for fools, I am merely...

    Illegal activities are for fools, I am merely clueless.

    A bit more complicated than just typing it in for anyone who looks this up -

    Linux/Backtrack : Open Wicd manager, click the AP you wish...
  8. How do I convert the WEP to a usable key? - With attached .png

    Just to clear things up, I do realise that this is probably a noobish question, and for that I apologise. I have looked online for an answer, and have tried to sort it myself with my limited...
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    Re: I am getting a very low beacon count

    In future perhaps a little time on Google would be better... Nevertheless - I will help as best I can.

    I too am new to BT4, and am unable to help you with the slow beacon count - but I will be...
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    Re: how to hack the one who connected into my router?

    My advise to you would be to follow these 3 steps:
    1) Set your router to use WPA encryption
    2) Use a password containing alphas, numerics and symbols (mixing both lower and uppercase) (do NOT make...
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    Re: wpa/psk default passwords .txt file

    Can I just say a HUGE thank you to the original OP!
    I was sat there last night wondering why all the wordlists were using actual 'words' when surely (correct me if I am wrong) most WPA PSIK keys use...
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    Re: Installing Backtrack4 on the Asus eee 1005P Netbook

    Thanks. I hope to use the forum lots. I do know that there are a lot of these around the place, but I think I did it for google more than anything - I spent quite some time trying to see if the Acer...
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    Installing Backtrack4 on the Asus eee 1005P Netbook

    Hi all,

    I'm brand new to the Backtrack way of life. This is hopefully the first of many posts. As I learn I hope to document and help others. So what better place to start than the very beginning!...
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