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  1. Re: What is the difference between a hacker and a script kiddy.

    Hacker= the smart one who can over come the problem of why a determine what it is that MUST be done to make what it is they are doing to work in there favor.

    skiddie= the one that goes can you do...
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    Re: Advice for my WEP/WPA Cracker

    love this little java program, as gerix does not want to work on my laptop :(

    but this new version works great, much simpler then trying to type out all the commands all the time as that is how i...
  3. Re: Intel Pro 3945abg doesn't work work after apt-get dist-upgrade

    i dont use ifconfig try this after you log in type wicd start then enter
    then startx to get in to x as usual i have the same card and this is the only way i have ever got it to work
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