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  1. HowTo: Persistent USB w/ Full Encryption WILL NOT INSTALL

    I tried with both the PDF instructions and the video walk-through. I tried with a Live CD boot and having already installed BackTrack to my machine. I've stepped through carefully several times, but...
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    Re: how do I view all wireless networks ?

    The same reason people will climb a mountain - because it's there.
  3. Trouble with the USB install / full encryption - can't unmount

    I printed out a copy of the tutorial for installing BackTrack to a USB drive with full disk encryption, and followed along carefully as I tried it out. I've repeated the steps up to the install part...
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    Sticky: Re: How to Start Networking in Backtrack

    I'm having a devil of a time getting the networking to start from the command line. I can start the GUI and use the Wicd Network Manager to connect without any problems, but doing it via the command...
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    Which ISO version to download

    I looked at the ISO images available for download, and found the list a bit confusing. There's a Backtrack 4 RC2 release ISO, but its latest update was listed as: 22.11.2010. The Backtrack 4 Final...
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