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    Re: Some questions about rt2860

    look for this compat-wireless-aircrack-lucid-patched.tar.bz2
    it does enable injection for rt2860 ralink chipset but i warn you there is a bug inside
    you wont be able to stop the loaded driver!! NOT...
  2. Re: BT4, wireless bug - connected for only a few seconds.

    Maybe this could not help you out. But i tried Backtrack 4 R1 recently and rt2860 chipset seem supported or best effort to at least. injection is working on first try only after further attempt...
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    Re: Ralink RT2860sta + Injection?

    I was trying too to get rt2860 working it did with the original driver from Ralink but injection is not permit without modding the source code first. I thought i would try the apocolipse rt2870...
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