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  1. Discussioni: acx100 problem

    by Urthanhassen

    Can't Load acx100 driver for TI wireless card

    I can't load acx100 for use my wireless card and i not found nothing for use it, I have a Texas Instruments based card with acx100 driver, on BackTrack 2 y can use it with K Menu->Backtrack->Radio...
  2. A Newbie with a lot of questions (sorry of all)

    [QUOTE=level;55053]You should check out the tutorials from the aircrack-ng site. Some are written in Spainish.

    Thanks, I read the tutorial and I'm using Aircrack-ng suite, but, i can┤t break tje...
  3. OH THANKS!!! Thanks very much, I connect to...

    OH THANKS!!! Thanks very much, I connect to internet, thanks very very much at you and all of this forums, and thanks to BackTrack 2 creators this is the best linux distribution.

    I have a...
  4. IEEE 802.11 b/g Wireless Cardbus/PCI TI ACX111 card

    Hi all, I'm newbie on BackTrack 2 and Linux too.My problem is simple, i have a Wireless card with Texas Instruments ACX111 chipset based card, and I want to connect to Internet, but when I type...
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