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  1. Macbook Pro Arrandale 2010 - Has anyone gotten BT4 + CUDA working?

    Hey guys, just curious if anyone has picked up one of the new arrandale macbook pros and gotten backtrack 4 + CUDA support working. Thinking of picking one up.
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    problem installing ati-driver

    when trying to install the ati-driver package I get the following error:

    dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/ati-driver_9.5-bt2_i386.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite...
  3. Discussioni: ATI SDK 2.0 built in?

    by n3tkami

    ATI SDK 2.0 built in?

    Hey all, just curious if the final release of backtrack has the ATI SDK 2.0 preinstalled into the OS. In the pre_final I had problems getting my HD4850 to be recognized by pyrit (never was able to...
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    you've likely only heard of the alfa because of...

    you've likely only heard of the alfa because of its reputation for use with backtrack/packet injection. i hate to be 'one of those guys' but seriously, use the search function.
  5. problem getting pyrit to see hd4850 - error with repository package

    hey folks. i've been trying for a while now to get ati stream and pyrit to play nicely but haven't been having any luck. I've tried googling and following the advice on some similar forum threads but...
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