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  1. Discussioni: VNC server loop

    by yalkshire

    VNC server loop

    Hi guys,

    I've started two VNC servers on my bt3 server. After messing around and trying to connect to the bt3 machine from a windows (laptop) on I noticed that there were over 170 vnc servers...
  2. order : windows (clean install yesterday). BT2...

    order :
    windows (clean install yesterday).

    and yes my lilo.conf is up-to-date and triple checked.
    using lilo -V instead of lilo give me the following:

    Reading boot sector from /dev/hda...
  3. Dual boot windows - backtrack with a protected MBR

    Hi guys,

    Although I usually work with linux fedora on my home pc I have only minimal experience with linux operating systems except for user applications.

    I got a company portable yesterday and...
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