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    Sticky: Re: BackTrack 4 R1 Development release

    1024x600 on Intel 3150... ? Thx
  2. Joining the club...

    Asus 1001p here... Intel 3150...

    It looks that we need to wait for a massive BT update.. :(
  3. Re: NEED HELP with Acer Aspire One 532h video resolution

    Any news on this issue? I'm planning to buy an AAO 532h... Now, I dunno... Toshiba N305 ?
  4. Access AFP Server (appleshare), mount_afp ?

    Hi everyone...

    My partner switched to apple, coz it's more "secure" ... but he bought an used one. So I'm trying to show him a few things.

    That box has a few ports open, and according to...
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    Sticky: Re: How to Start Networking in Backtrack

    Hi everyone...

    Sorry to bother you with this one, but I've spent a few days searching and still I can't find my problem.

    Everything was ok and after some minor changes (I change the HOSTNAME...
  6. Re: Networking - Alfa AWUS036H - BT4 and VMware 7

    What did you do to solve the problem?

    I don't have major complaints about VMWARE, BUT startnetworking it's a pain in the ass.

    As most people stated, the "ifconfig wlan0 up" -within the...
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