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  1. Re: Can this setting in Win 7 thwart most Metasploit attacks?

    Easy way to throw off any remote attack is to rename you computer to localhost this way if they try to netbios attacks Unix will attack it self.
    There are a few other things you can do too, but I...
  2. Re: Preventing possible network attacks with static IP and DNS?

    If you want better protection you are best to get one fo these....
    1. Cisco 2621 ($45.00+ bucks) set to pick up your ISP IP and then set ACLS
    2. PIX 500x series firewalls ($500+ bucks)
    3. Unix...
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    FreeNX BackTrack 4-5 with Auto desktop login

    Hello So you want a better remote desktop program with better compression than VNC and encrypted communication.
    Follow these steps to install FreeNX
    After install Backtrack 4 or 5 on to your hard...
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