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  1. VMware workstation 8, NIC not working in bridged more with backtrack 5 r1

    I dont know if anyone else experienced this problem. But my vmware GNOME-32bit image used to work in work vmware workstation 7, but recently when I upgraded to vmware workstation 8. The NIC seems to...
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    Fragrouter + SSLstrip

    Hello all, Does anyone know know how I can get SSLstrip to strip SSL packets and forward out through fragrouter. So far I am able to forward packets out using fragrouter - wlan0 -B1 and to verify I...
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    I tried to do the same thing (triple boot XP,...

    I tried to do the same thing (triple boot XP, BT2, BT3b), with the lilo of BT2 as the boot loader. But everytime I boot into BT3b, I lose my mouse. It seems its not getting detected in Plug'n Pay in...
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