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  1. Re: Custom executable (but not generated by Metasploit) as payload

    Here is an article that is very useful in creating metasploit payloads to evade AV engines. This method gives the user alot of flexibility in obfuscating the ASM instructions to bypass AV engines.
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    Re: Metasploit: Msfencode useless !?

    Bypassing AV with metasploit is a hot topic and there are a few different methods to attack this. I feel this article is one of the best methods for evading AV considering it gives the tester plenty...
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    Metasploit SVN Problem

    Hello All,

    I am running Ubuntu 8.10 i386 and have just installed the latest version of metasploit from the site.

    I also installed the following packages as they are suppose to be required for...
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