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  1. Re: Dns_spoof working in ettercap; But not able to sniff.

    Hi, Thanks for pay attention my Questions.

    Im using :- 1) backtrack 4 R2
    2)Using WinXp as based Os, and using VMware open 2 more OS (a)winxp & (b)backtrack4 r2
  2. How to use Ettercap Sniff Modem Login Password??

    I'm a new guy to use ettercap for capture password with my pc.
    Man-inthe-middle-attack,so interesting for me...
    I have succeful to use this method before, like sniffing...
  3. How to Sniff password n username from Gateway login webpage !!!

    hi, i'm a new guy to learn how to use Ettercap.

    I want to capture or sniff my gateway password and username within that login webpage.
    Any one can help me or point me out to some where...
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