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  1. Re: [Script][Video] - Using McGrew Security's

    Quick! Repost the video! I'm really interested to see how this is done.
  2. Discussioni: Got Tabnabbed?

    by Onemajorflaw

    Re: Got Tabnabbed?

    It's a really cool idea, however I tried the demo page on IE8 and the favicon did NOT change, just the title of the tab. You did mention that you changed the code.. perhaps you've messed up somewhere?
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    Re: Aircrack-ng - WPA2 - Missing Handshake

    Well I guess my response isn't going to matter now! I clicked the thread in hopes to help you out, but I guess you figured out your own problem. Hope you finally see some results!
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    Re: Upside-down-ternet example

    Looks more legal now =) I definately like the script to redirect all traffic to any website (tutorial uses Kittenwar! May The Cutest Kitten Win!!). Good find.
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    Re: How to run webgoat 5.3 standard on BT4

    Without having done this tutorial, yet, my only assumption could be that you aren't in the directory where you saved the WebGoat-OWASP_Standard-5.3_RC1.7z file to.
  6. Re: See Windows LNK vulnerability (CVE-2010-2568) in action and learn how to protect

    I appreciate the advice, but after noticing the AV catching it the my first attempt at this I did turn it off. I have tried it since on several other machine's, four Windows 7 machine and one XP....
  7. Re: Problems Collecting Data - Could be wireless driver related

    As aforementioned, try going to different video related websites (i.e. YouTube), to increase traffic, on YOUR network. Asking for help on cracking other people's networks won't get you any help here.
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    Re: Upside-down-ternet example

    Neat trick, but a little too laborious for something without visable results (i.e. you won't see their reaction, or they may not even go to a website with images). You may want to rephrase the "do...
  9. Re: Disabling AV and firewall by meterpreter before reverse connection

    Hm. Your advice seemed to work for me...
  10. Ah, I see! Thanks for the reply, it makes MUCH...

    Ah, I see! Thanks for the reply, it makes MUCH more sense to me now! I'm going to have to try this out once I get off of work. Thanks again.

    Sorry for the double post, but no one has been posting...
  11. Re: See Windows LNK vulnerability (CVE-2010-2568) in action and learn how to protect

    Excuse my noob-ness, but the original post indicates towards some files you can put on a USB stick to execute this vulnerability, where might one find such files? Or are they included with Metasploit...
  12. Re: NEW SCRIPT Capturing Passwords With sslstrip

    Wow. You're the only person to come up with this technique, and no one, with the same information at hand, could of wrote a similar script? Impressive. Clearly your work is beyond us.

    On a side...
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