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  1. Discussioni: failed VPN

    by raskolnikov

    Re: failed VPN

    If you received "Wed Nov 14 09:27:30 2012 Initialization Sequence Completed" than it is likely working. What is the output of ifconfig? You should see a tun interface and the corresponding...
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    Re: cuda pyrit 8800 gtx x2

    Pyrit does support SLI and your cards should be put into SLI. You still require a CPU per GPU but the trade-off is well worth it. I believe the reason for using SLI in this scenario is to...
  3. Re: upload nc.exe to Windows 7 via meterpreter? failed?

    There are multiple ways to push things to an exploited box. If you are having trouble getting metasploit to work, perhaps setup an FTP server on your system, dump nc.exe into it, and have the...
  4. Re: How to make BT5 use a USB wifi adapter in virtual box?

    That does not list a wireless USB dongle. So it looks like Backtrack is not seeing it. If wireless dongle was showing up you would see something like "wlan0".
  5. You aren't really running a native install of the...

    You aren't really running a native install of the OS, you are running a virtualized sort of system. I did this with a first gen Xoom and it was very slow, but then again that was before tablets had...
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    Re: Bactrack for Web developers?

    Backtrack may be good for sanity checking your sites once they are built, or testing them for weaknesses, but if you are a web designer and require design tools you should really stick with Windows....
  7. Re: How to make BT5 use a USB wifi adapter in virtual box?

    If you have as you said connected it to your virtual system and it is not still kicking around in your other OS, then you likely need to enable it. What do you see if you type "ifconfig" in terminal?...
  8. Re: Turn ipod touch (2g) into a metasploitable 'computer'

    I would recommend not bothering with hacking the iPod. Ultimately, your best bet to learn to hack is to try things like de-ice, follow guides such as...
  9. Re: ATI-APP-SDK + Pyrit + Cal++ How-To Guide (BT5 KDE 64bit)

    I know a few people have run into this error but I have been unable to find a fix. So could anyone point me in the right direction...

    When I attempt to "make install" in the AMD-APP-SDK-v2.4-lnx64...
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    Re: BT-KDE 64 startX problem

    wewe73, let us know if sickness's suggestion works, but in the future, it is easier to trouble shoot an issue if you provide all the information. Next time, if startx fails, provide a dump of the...
  11. Re: Beginners Bible - Basic Commands I've Used - hopefully will update as i progress

    Just for curiosities sake, as BackTrack is designed as a pen-testing tool, why not install a linux system like Ubuntu or something more user friendly to accomplish your needs? In many ways, its more...
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