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    Problem installing Backtrack 5r1 on virtual box

    I have been trying to install backtrack 5r1 both the Gnome and KDE on virtual box but it keeps printing a message that i am using an i-386 processor and i require an X86 0r 64 bit processor.Meanwhile...
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    Having Problems with Backtrack 5 on virtual box


    I am using a dell inspiron 1545 64 bit operating system.I have installed virtual box on it and have been trying to install BT5KDE-64.Everything goes on fine until i go to boot...
  3. Re: Setting up BT5 in Virtualbox, networking, USB wireless

    Thanks alot ...this was very usefull to me as i have been battling this problem.
  4. How to configure point to point protocol on backtrack

    I was watching a redhat Linux tutorial and came across how to use point to point protocol for connecting to the internet with a modem.The video was not really detailed about how to go about this so...
  5. Having problems with webattack using social engineering toolkit

    i am having a problem doing a web attack using the social engineering toolkit.After launching the toolkit, i chose option 2 which is web attack in the next i chose to clone a website,next i chose the...
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    Re: wifi driver via usb boot

    you can use a wired internet connection and get the drivers installed on the usb
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