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    Re: BT4 being sold on eBay.

    Easiest way to deal with it, Tell Canonical ^^

    eBay Feedback Profile for deepspace6auctions

    He has a history of selling linux distro's without informing the buyer that there is a FREE version,...
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    Re: Linksys WUSB54G V2 w/ Backtrack 4 in Vmware

    What I was able to pull on modem-help:

    Modem Specifications
    Manufacturer: †Linksys, Inc.
    Features: WLAN
    Max Communication Protocol: 802.11b 802.11g
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    Re: Help Needed with Wireless AND partition mounting

    with the partition mounting it can be a bit trickier then it used to be in bt3/2.

    Now, you manually have to mount the partition (which is why when you click on it it asks what you would like to...
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    Re: BT4-Final airmon-ng problems

    try using the full command

    airmon-ng --help

    Will list the options that airmon-ng requires. Normally you use it in the sense of:

    airmon-ng start wifi to initialize your card in monitor...
  5. Re: How to connect to wirelewss network on backtrack 4 final?

    When I use it live from usb and my dvd's I have to type

    /etc/init.d/networking start

    Into a console and then use wicd under "Internet".

    I would presume they opted to not have BT4 auto...
  6. Re: Problems booting from USB Stick (no, no easy problem, i think)

    Oddly enough, I also used a Kingston 2gb stick (works perfectly as I post this) and a Cruiser 8gb (no u3 on it as ive formatted, wiped, and iso booted it a few times, but for the life of me, I cant...
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