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  1. MacBook Pro: Triple Boot with Ubuntu and BT3 Beta

    I just wanted to share my experience getting this to work. I'm a newbie, and I had tried to get MacOSX, WindowsXP, and BT3b triple boot to work, but I decided running XP as a virtual machine on...
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    Thanks to Xploitz for all the tutorials. I'm...

    Thanks to Xploitz for all the tutorials.

    I'm just having a little problem with driver issue (I think). I'm using a Ralink chipset USB dongle (Hawkings) that comes up as rausb0 with ifconfig and...
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    BT3 installation bug on MacBook Pro

    I'm pretty new at all this, but got through installing BT3 and BT2 as virtual machines on VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro C2D 2.33G 10.4.11. Installation of VMware tools caused me some problems but...
  4. Hardware for using BT2 or BT3 on 802.11n network

    Hi. This is my first post. I'm really new at this so please be patient with me. My main rig is MacBook Pro. I started getting interested in wireless network penetration when I tried KisMAC. My...
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