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  1. Re: dualboot backtrack5+windows7 start default windows

    I have the same problem like this guy. I also want Window7 on top so how can i change the grub file any idea ??? Need your Help
  2. Backtrack5 boot screen editing - need help

    I have BT5 Installed Side By Side with Window7-HomePremium. I want that When the Boot Screen Comes so it show the Window7 First instead of Ubuntu, Just want to Put Window7 on First. how can i do it,...
  3. Re: Window7 Home Premium & BT5 (Boot Loader Problem)

    Thanks To You All. As i have mentioned in my Question that I was Receiving Error/Warning of Dynamic Disc {Saying you would not be able to Install New OS on this Newly Made partition using Disk...
  4. Window7 Home Premium & BT5 (Boot Loader Problem)

    First Of All i want to say that i have Searched Forum Before Posting this and Yes Even i have Googled. I Really Need your Help

    My Problem is that i have Window7 Home Premium installed on my Pc (...
  5. Re: Not seeing the "install them side by side" option as is displayed in the tutorial

    Very Same Problem and i think You cant Run Window7 Home Premium and BT5 Side by Side.
    REASON: For Doing this you need to Convert your Drive to "Dynamic" and Win7 Home Premium Does Not Support this...
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