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  1. Re: Rosewill RNX-EasyN1 Monitor and Injection Mode Works

    Hey I'm glad you have good luck with the wireless adapter. I however have not been so lucky. It shows up as ra0 when I start it. Goes into monitor mode and sometimes works to scan for the aps. But it...
  2. Using usb persistent drive on multiple computers?

    So I just wanna know why the drive only works on my pc and not every computer, I followed the video from hack 5 episode to the T. I dont think that guy is an expert because the way he stated some...
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    Re: Live Disc does not eject

    This happened to me aswell, however I improperly shut down the os and figured that maybe it was that the drive had some type of lock the os put on it, I dont know anything about the software that...
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    Re: Booting Backtrack 4 from USB

    Yeah I also installed bt4 on my usb the exact same way hack5 showed, mainly because I have close to no idea of what i was doing. I do not understand the complete file system of the OS but I'm trying...
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