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    Re: install backtrack 5 r3 with other os

    I dont quite understand the question. Do you mean installing backtrack on a computer that already has windows or mac os x or another linux distro already running on it? If so then yes you can instlal...
  2. Re: BackTrack running on a windows machine with antivirus

    I dont think it should effect nmap scans for example. It would usually only flag malware files. Like metasploit payloads (unless your smart enough to get around the av detection ;) ) And as sickness...
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    Re: Metasploit with a persistent handler

    I've stopped using msfcli. I used to as i thought it was faster but now im using a two scripts to start msfconsole. The one i store somewhere in the computer, and the other i store on my desktop. the...
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    Re: [script] for AV evasion

    Can anyone explain to me how to xor obfuscates the shellcode which I can then put in the temp.c that is created in this script. I'm tying to understand how this works so I'm going to try and do it...
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