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  1. Wicd Will Not Automatically Connect to internet.

    I am rather debating to keep Wicd as my network manager. It is a little annoying because everytime i start my computer i have to go to it and connect to my internet. I have checked the "automatically...
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    Re: several burn attempts for BT5, none boot

    Hopefully this will help you. So first know your bit and make sure you downloaded a .iso file. Second you should have a dvr-r to burn onto and use this .iso burner. It is a very helpful easy one. ...
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    Re: Beep on shutdown, KDE 64 bit

    Step 1
    I just went through this, and this is the solution:

    Open up a Terminal and type:

    sudo alsamixer

    Now using your left/right arrow keys navigate over to PC Beep and press M on your...
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    System Beep on Shutdown

    Hello Everyone. I am running a Dell Inspiron 15r with intel core i5. I have a side by side boot going on my computer. I am having a slightly annoying problem with my BackTrack 5. Whenever I shutdown...
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