View Full Version : Problem with frontline

09-17-2008, 11:28 AM
What's required to compile csr_sniffer.c (frontline.c) ? About blueZ I now. What's else?

When I try to grab a pairing process, I see:

"assert(len <= 17);". Here is the error "csr_sniffer: csr_sniffer.c:397: dump_lmp: Assertion `len <= 17' failed.HL 0x0E Ch 06 S Clk 0x00FA05A Status 0x5 Hdr0 0xA1 [type: 4 addr: 1] LLID 3 Len 28 AbortedWhy it's happends?

bluetooth dongle have bluecore v 2 and firmware: airsnifferdev47bc2.dfu