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What makes BackTrack the number one leading security distribution in the world is not that fact that we have the largest security toolset repository, or that we have a development staff that is world-renowned, its our community and support we get from everyone that contributes. Our community invests a significant amount of time and effort in ensuring that BackTrack remains the standard in the information security community.

Would you like to donate to our project ? We are forwarding all our community donations to Johnny Longs’ HFC program in East Africa. Please feel free to donate even a small amount to these efforts.

After some difficult decisions we have decided to start up new BackTrack Forums. The old ones were simply overgrown (over around 100k users) and not up to the standard we are aiming for. Our new forums will be aimed at providing high quality support and help with the BackTrack distribution.

If you would like to join the community and contribute, visit us on, in channel #backtrack-linux. Our website will continue to be the main source for all news and updates regarding BackTrack. BackTrack has evolved into something that is hard to imagine would have ever existed and continues to grow. We tirelessly work on every aspect of BackTrack ensuring that it is perfected in every manner. The communities goals are all unified and the same, to keep BackTrack as the best and number one security distribution in the market. Official BackTrack Community Team:

If you would like open a new community for your region, contact US

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