ChangeLog : BackTrack Linux – Penetration Testing Distribution


BackTrack 4 R1 Update Summary

  • Kernel 2.6.34 – With fragmentation patches, etc.
  • Updated tools, such as Maltego and SET.
  • Improved driver support, broader range of wireless cards supported.
  • Faster desktop experience due to kernel.
  • Fluxbox environment added.

Work in Progress

BackTrack 4 Final Update Summary

  • Kernel – With fragmentation patches, etc.
  • Meta-packages removed from base image. Can still be installed from the repository.
  • Several “ieee802.11 wireless driver oldies” have been added for versatility.
  • Additional (non injecting) wireless drivers added for improved support
  • Large number of tool updates
  • Large number of bug fixes
  • Streamlined kernel updates for future updates
  • Frequently updated repositories for security fixes and tool update

Infected Mushroom