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BackTrack Enterprise Support and Customization Services

After a lot of hard work and extensive testing, we are proud and excited to announce the public release of our new commercial site The .com site is a companion to the traditional .org, offering paid features and services that we have not been able to offer before.

Commercial Support

BackTrack Linux has become the most popular Linux based penetration testing distribution available. However, to this day there are some organizations that would love to use it but have not been able to due to internal regulations that require support contracts for any software that is used. Additionally, other organizations have reached out to us to let us know that they rely on BackTrack so much that they would find support contracts extremely helpful.

Penetration Testing tools BackTrack customization

Our new commercial support services are designed to help these organizations and more. Commercial support allows subscribers to obtain direct access to the developers, as well as a committed response time for any open tickets. Premium support subscribers are additionally provided with support for alternative kernel configurations.

BackTrack ISO Generation Engine

While we try to ensure that the default BackTrack image fits the needs of as many people as possible, some organizations have unique needs. The BackTrack ISO builder is designed to allow the generation of custom ISO images that can be built to your specific needs. Using the ISO builder you can select which package groups you would like to be included, as well as include custom branding such as bootsplash and wallpapers.

BackTrack ISO Customization Service from Offensive Security on Vimeo.

We are also proud to announce that a percentage of the profits from the ISO builder will go to help support Johnny Long’s HFC project.

Commitment to Freedom

These services have been designed to compliment, not replace, the free BackTrack offerings. We always have been, currently are, and always will be, committed to providing the highest quality Linux Penetration Testing Distribution available. Nothing is going to change this.

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