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How Strong is Your Kid’s Schmooze?

Each Year Defcon is known for testing the limits and pushing the boundaries. Defcon 19 will be no exception to that. The Defcon crew and the team at Social-Engineer.Org SE CTF are excited to announce the a new event for kids at Defcon 19 – the first ever KIDS CTF.

As part of the 2 day long Security For Kids Con, SEORG will be running a “How Strong is Your Schmooze – Kids Edition” Social-Engineering CTF just for the kids.

Social-Engineer.Org is presently taking registrations for the Kids Social-Engineering CTF. (Defcon reg is separate) Once the submissions are in, kids will be placed into teams of 2 or 3.

In addition, Chris and Jim will be giving an educational speech geared at the kids and how to use the principles of social engineering in their lives.

For more information you can check out the rules, blog and registration page on Social-Engineer.org.

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