June : 2010 : BackTrack Linux – Penetration Testing Distribution

BackTrack, Present and Future

BackTrack RoadmapInformation security experts who focus on penetration testing rely on BackTrack as the leading distribution for their practices. BackTrack started as a personal side project well over 5 years ago and by now has been downloaded over 5 million times.

Many people have devoted countless hours of their lives to make sure BackTrack is the best it can be.  Now it is time to take that to the next level. Offensive Security has started officially funding the development of BackTrack, allowing for a more steady development cycle.

Together with the unbelievable support and help of the open source community which has cared for us over the years, we are ready to take BackTrack to a whole new level. This move will give BackTrack the momentum it needs to maintain real time updates, to support full time quality development and explore new and exciting options in the development of the world’s #1 choice distribution for penetration testers.

What does this mean? This means that from this day onwards, the BackTrack distribution will have a more stable development cycle, more versatility and better QA – while remaining free, as always. This move has also allowed us to build a BackTrack roadmap for the first time in its history. Yes, that’s right…that’s “BackTrack 5” written there…

Lastly, you can finally get those awesome BackTrack Vinyl stickers online – check out our swag page.

How Strong is your Fu – For Charity

Offensive Security, together with BlackHat and HFC are organizing an amazing CTF on the 19th of June, 2010. Registration costs 49 $US, and all proceeds go to HFC. The prizes being offered are a BlackHat Conference Ticket, (Las Vegas 2010) for 1st place, and a CTP Online Course as the runner up. Registration is limited to the first 102 signups, and seats are running out fast! Register to the Cyber Hacking Challenge now!


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