March : 2010 : BackTrack Linux – Penetration Testing Distribution

Relief for (some) Broadcom Wireless Users (soon)

Kernel 2.6.34 (RC2 for now) delivers fixed Broadcom b43 drivers, and allows injection with 4315 and 4312 chipsets. This kernel is currently in testing, and should be out of RC stages in a couple of months. As of now, it seems that the future transition of BackTrack to this kernel will bring a significant amount of improvements, as well as a more mature mac80211 stack.

For anyone interested in testing this “out-of-band” kernel – we will soon post instructions on how to do this.

In other news – congratulations are in order to Offensive Security for becoming GSA certified !

Cross Application Scripting – All you KDE are belong to US

Emgent of the BackTrack team has released some fascinating information about a new attack vector called “Cross application Scripting”.

Cross Application Scripting (CAS) is a vulnerability affecting desktop applications that don’t check input in an exhaustive way. CAS allows an attacker to insert some code to edit the contents of certain desktop application. This way it is possible to extract sensitive data from inside of the users’ systems. Attacks for CAS vulnerabilities may have very dire consequences as they could imply a complete compromise of the targets – independent from their operating system or platform.

Offensive Security PWB v3.0 Released

The big day has arrived – and new information security training PWB v.3.0 is unleashed onto the public. With a refreshed curriculum, new videos and expanded topics – we are truly excited about this release. We have updated courseware to reflect the new expanded capabilities of Backtrack 4. Also we have posted the updated syllabus including a summary of course objectives and an updated video demo.

The Offsec VPN environment has been rebuilt from scratch, and quadrupled in size. With over 50 unique servers in the labs – each with its own evil nature – it’s bound to get messy quickly.

This new environment is unlike anything that has been seen on the market. Modeled off of real world networks, you will be training in an environment exactly like those you will find in the field.

The course is now designed as an official penetration test on our internal labs – reporting and all. Tried and true classics tactics are covered along with the newest, most modern, sexy attacks publicly released.

Real world attack vectors such as Client side exploits, XSS, token manipulation, etc – are just some of the attacks necessary in the new labs. And just like in the real world, your findings mean nothing if they can not be communicated effectively. You will write a report detailing the actions taken and the findings discovered in the same manner that Offensive Security does in real world penetration tests.

But don’t enter into the course lightly. Be ready to put out real effort, real sweat, and real blood. The strain is worth it as you learn the fundamentals required to go beyond what many information security professionals do in a penetration test. You will learn what it truly means to “Try Harder”.

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